Acne Scars and Forever Young BBL

All types of acne can leave behind scars even after the the active acne has been treated and removed. These scars are noticeable on patients of all skin tones, and are especially problematic for those with a family history of scaring. At Dyson Dermatology, we are experts in the use of Forever Young BBL laser treatment to effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars on patients of all skin tones in the Tucson, Arizona area. Find out more about our high level of comprehensive dermatological services and certified dermatologist here.

Treating Acne Scars with Forever Young BBL

There are various types of scars left behind from acne, ranging from wide, shallow indents on the surface of the epidermis, to very deep scars that not only disrupt the epidermis, but extend into the dermis. Some scars are depressed, whereas others can be thick, raised scars on the surface of the skin. All types of acne can cause scarring and there are very few effective over the counter remedies for acne scars, however technological advances, such as Forever Young BBL, have made it possible to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of these scars.

Although no scar can ever truly be removed, treatments can help to reduce their size, appearance, and texture. Using Infrared invisible light, Forever Young BBL halts and prevents further skin damage by penetrating the epidermis and dermis, promoting changes at molecular level and creating visible changes on the skin. The skin looks younger and has visible improvements in the pigmentation, such as that caused by acne. Faster, better results in rejuivation of the skin.

How Forever Young BBL Works

The Forever Young BBL is a quick and safe procedure that is done using various wavelengths of light to target the damaged cells in the skin and stimulate the natural healing process. This is particularly useful in reducing acne scars on all skin tones. It also helps in the stimulation of collagen production, promoting healthy, glowing skin over all.

Forever Young BBL at Dyson Dermatology

As there is no “one size fits all” treatment for acne scars, each type of treatment has different requirements for candidacy. Each patient’s skin type, type of scarring, and background determines which treatment is right for them, so the best way to find out is to come visit us for a consultation and to receive more information about the benefits of Forever Young BBL for acne scars.

Dyson Dermatology in Tucson, Arizona is a leading expert in the use of The Forever Young BBL laser treatment to remove unwanted acne scars. If you would like to say ‘goodbye’ to your acne scars and gain more youthful appearance, contact us at for a consultation with one of our skilled dermatologist.

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