Dr. John M. Haraldsen

Dr. Haraldsen

Dr. John M. Haraldsen is a board-certified Dermatologist and a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. He has been practicing Dermatology for over 30 years, including more than 20 years at his own practice in Oro Valley. Dr. Heraldsen has vast experience in managing skin cancers and inflammatory conditions of the skin.

Dr. Haraldsen was the founder and owner of Saguaro Dermatology in Oro Valley where he practiced for over 20 years. He has tremendous clinical experience in managing simple to complex general dermatology, skin cancers, surgical dermatology, and treatment of skin cancers with superficial radiation therapy.

Dr. Haraldsen is of Danish descent and is an avid collector of artwork. He especially enjoys collecting hand made glassware. He also enjoys traveling and is active member of his church.

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