What is Botox?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is an FDA-approved, anti-aging treatment that is injected into the muscles to smooth wrinkles, fine lines and creases between the brows, forehead, and is often used to erase crow’s feet in the delicate region around the eyes. When administered effectively, BOTOX, a clinically proven neuromodulator quickly addresses common signs of aging and may slow down the aging process*. At Dyson Dermatology, Allergan approved injector, Dr. Dyson proudly administers BOTOX injections, creating youthful and natural results that our Tucson, Arizona clients deserve.

Benefits of Botox*

Our injectable wrinkle treatments offer an affordable option as opposed to a brow lift or face lift. In addition to being minimally-invasive, BOTOX treatments injected in our Tucson and Green Valley dermatology office have many advantages:

How Botox Works

BOTOX is a type of botulinum toxin. When injected by Arizona Botox specialist, Dr. Dyson, the toxin temporarily paralyzes the nerve impulses that encourage muscles to contract. The wrinkle treatment effectively diminishes signs of aging by relaxing muscles around the brow and eye that are responsible for developing crow’s feet, smile lines and forehead wrinkles. BOTOX is quickly able to reduce dynamic wrinkles and slow the rate at which static wrinkles develop.

What areas does Botox help?

At Dyson Dermatology, we are experienced in using BOTOX Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin, to prevent early signs of aging, and address immediate concerns, such as:

While effective on its own, many patients choose BOTOX as part of a combination treatment plan.

This method combines multiple non-invasive treatments like BOTOX, dermal fillers and CoolSculpting fat freezing and a myriad of other treatments for an extra boost of rejuvenation. At Dyson Dermatology in Tucson, our professional team will perform a thorough assessment of your aesthetic concerns during your consultation to develop a treatment plan that meets your goals.

Your Treatment Options

Non-invasive facial rejuvenation is our specialty at Dyson Dermatology. Our treatment plans are simple and affordable, customized to include a healthy combination of neurotoxins and dermal fillers. At our Tucson practice, we provide Dysport, Botox or Xeomin injections based on your cosmetic concerns and appearance goals. Our dermatologists can advise on which wrinkle treatment lasts longer and which neuromodulator offers the best results for your concerns.

What Risks Are Associated With Botox?

Although generally very safe, there are risks associated with Botox, Dysport and Xeomin injections. Following injections, patients may experience bruising, swelling, headaches, redness, nausea and temporary facial weakness or drooping . To minimize risks, it’s essential to receive injections from a board-certified and Allergan specialist, such as the experts at Dyson Dermatology.

botox near me: Why Choose Dyson Dermatology?

Dyson Dermatology is the premiere BOTOX Tucson provider, each treatment is carefully administered by Dr. Senait Dyson, approved by BOTOX’s parent company Allergen as a qualified botulinum toxin injector. Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Dyson is committed to delivering exceptional care and treatment and uses extreme precision to achieve natural, youthful results for her clients.

**Results vary per client. Testimonials provided for Dyson Dermatology are clients of Dyson who have undergone treatment. No treatment guarantees permanent results.

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