Why Consider Dysport

Recently published research, released by The University of Texas’ Southwestern Medical Center, has concluded that Dysport has been proven to be a more effective anti-wrinkle procedure when compared to its leading rival- Botox. The findings published by UT further concluded that 87% of subjects treated with Dysport noticed considerable decrease in the definition of their wrinkles. In fact, a Dysport treatment conducted by Dr. Senait Dyson, a leading dermatologist in Tucson, AZ, can most apparently reduce the appearance of frown lines concentrated between the eyes. It is a long-lasting, effective solution to anti-aging techniques, and eliminates deep-set facial wrinkles. If you are looking for an alternative to Botox for reducing the prevalence of your facial wrinkles, schedule a consultation visit today so that Dr. Dyson can most accurately evaluate if Dysport is the right option for you.

Indications for Dysport

An injection of Dysport is among the easiest, most effective ways to reduce signs of wrinkles. Dysport particularly targets the reduced elasticity and collagen that come alongside aging, and can even work to prevent the onset of future wrinkles. As wrinkles can appear around any age, a Dysport treatment injected by Dr. Dyson is not age-related. Still, it is most commonly employed in adult patients, primarily those aged 30-65 years. Dr. Dyson typically recommends Dysport as a possible solution to:

How It Works

Dysport injections are targeted precisely at the facial muscles that cause wrinkles from repetitive, concentrated muscle movements. The treatment, which is virtually painless, impermanently relaxes the muscles, preventing the transmission of signals between the nerves and muscles and thereby reducing the muscles’ ability to contract. In short, Dysport weakens the facial muscles, reducing their traction with the skin and essentially flattening out resulting deep-set lines. Meanwhile, the facial muscles that are not injected with Dysport remain intact and allow a full range of continued facial expression.

When Will You See Results

A Dysport procedure by Dr. Dyson can become apparent in as little as a day following treatment. Typically, however, full results are seen in about four days to one week after the injection and the effects of a single treatment are largely visible for up to six months.

Recovery After Dysport

One of the most obvious advantages of a Dysport injection for facial wrinkles is that the treatment involves zero downtime. Patients are able to resume their normal level of activity immediately after seeing Dr. Dyson, and can even apply makeup over the affected region the same day.

Possible Side Effects

Though relatively safe, Dysport can lead to irritation of the throat and nose after treatment. Other possible side effects that can result include:

  • A recurring headache.
  • Sinus inflammation.
  • A feeling of nausea.

Each of these rare side effects is not life-threatening, and will fully retreat within a few days following the procedure.

Why Patients Choose Dr. Dyson

When choosing a dermatologist, it is first and foremost important to consider that they are attentive and respectful of your concerns and questions. Dr. Senait Dyson takes pride in her patient-doctor relations, and is sure to fully answer all questions regarding treatment before moving forward. Her precision and accuracy while conducting each procedure is unparalleled in Tucson, Arizona, and the hundreds of patients she has successfully treated to date agree that she is a leading professional in the field. Contact us today to learn more about a Dysport treatment with Dr. Dyson.

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